Best Irish Coffee Recipe

November 30, 2023

Best Irish Coffee Recipe

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Since it’s creation in the 1940’s, the Irish coffee has been a staple in bars across the world. Frustratingly for me it has become known as a “winter warmer” and been pushed as a drink associated with the colder winter months. Personally for me, I see it as a the most perfect hot cocktail available and think it should be on every food/drink menu throughout the year. With great whiskey, hot coffee, double cream, aromatic nutmeg and Demarara sugar, what’s not to love.

how to make the perfect irish coffee

The conversation surrounding the choice of whiskey is crucial in determining the success of the serve. Different types of whiskey, including specific brands, have played a significant role in establishing and solidifying the serve’s foundation. For instance, single grain whiskey is known for its inherent sweetness, while a well-crafted blended whiskey or a complex single pot still whiskey, such as Redbreast 12, has been favored for the “The Birdhouse” Irish Coffee serve. Personally, I believe that getting too caught up in the intricate details of the whiskey used can be unnecessary. The key lies in achieving a harmonious balance between the sweetener, coffee, and the indulgent double cream, which effectively complements most whiskey types mentioned earlier. The only instance where I questioned my choice of whiskey was when its alcohol content exceeded 45%, as it overshadowed the coffee flavor.

My Personal Irish Coffee Recipe

  • 30ml Whiskey of choice (As discussed above whatever works for you – I like using Powers Gold Label).
  • 1 Teaspoon of a good powdered instant coffee.
  • 1 Teaspoon Demerara Sugar or 15ml Syrup.
  • Double cream float whipped to just off-liquid (Thumb nail depth layer).
  • Nutmeg dusting for garnish.

TIP: Try your best to source a 6oz Georgian glass.

If you’re still struggling to perfect the art of making the perfect Irish coffee or you would just like to spend an afternoon learning the craft with friends, you can sign up for my Irish Coffee Masterclass and I’ll walk you through it all.

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